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Advanced Dynamics: 5 Hr
The ultimate guide to dynamics and how to hear compression in music.

Uplifting Trance: 16 Hours
How to produce a 138BPM a mailroom uplifting trance track from beginning to end.

Drums: 11 Hours
Create percussion, program kicks and create professional drum loops.

Tech House: 12 Hours
A walkthrough of how to produce a Tech House track typical of the Suara label.

Advanced Dynamics: 11 Hr
Lean how to make Hardstyle. We cover the entire process including the “barking” kick.

How to Mix: 8 Hours
Learn the theory of gain structure/gain staging, busses, VCA groups and mixing.

Deep House: 12 Hours
A step by step guide on the deep house style signed to labels such as Anjunadeep.

Mastering: 8 Hours
we investigate the art and science of how you can accomplish great results at home


DMP has completely revolutionised the way I think about and make music. In under 12 months I’ve had 8 tunes signed up and had tracks played out by the likes of Hernan Catteneo and Guy Mantzer. This stuff is the f*cking nuts

Richard Bailey

Deep house tutorial is rich, including materials. DMP know their job. Techno tutorial is a piece of art on how a single bar can be optimized. The reverb tutorial and delay also a must without counting the fundamentals, creative juices

Adrien T

There is no better place for learning materials related to dance music. I can’t express how fortunate I was to have someone recommend the dance music manual!

Tony Kwiecinski

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